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By 2020, 75% of mobile traffic around the world will happen through video content. Get ready for this trend and join the group of companies that have chosen Eventials as their partner on this journey.

Webinar platform made for companies that think about the future.

Unlimited Webinars

Cast and share your videos. Create webinars in 10 seconds without worrying about extra spending.

Live in seconds

Save time and agility. Cast directly from the browser.

Watch on any device

Responsive interface. Their webinars can be accessed by PC, smartphone or tablet.

Customized Integrations

We send invitation email and reminder to subscribers. All your videos are automatically saved.


Reduce costs with renting of spaces and travelling. Reach people wherever they are without leaving your office.


Webinars are an excellent tool for marketing content.


Amplify the reach of your content allowing people to access it from multiple places.

All content created stays recorded, allowing people to watch it whenever they have the free time.

Simplify the production logistics of your events doing them on the internet.

To broadcast, use a webcam and a microphone. To watch, open your browser and access the website.

An address belonging only to you

Your company name is personalized
at the address of your profile:

Customized transmission page

Each webinar can be customized with your brand identity or of your event.

All your content gathered

Your company profile at Eventials is a centre for all the content created for your contributors.

After the live transmission the complete content remains available to be seen and re-seen.

Do not be restricted to one presentation. Your content can be transmitted step by step using the necessary tools.

Works for all transmission sizes. There is not a limit for simultaneous participants.

Promote debates during the transmission and encourage interaction among participants.

Items needed to stream webinars


Using from 4GB of RAM.

Camera and Microphone

Use the computer's camera and microphone or, for professional broadcasts, use external devices.


We recommend connections above 4Mbps with a minimum upload rate of 700 kbps.


Presentations converted to PDF

Exclusive Features for Eventials

  • Single Sign On
  • Configuration that allows the integration of login between a platform that you already use, such as intranet, LMS or corporate university with Eventials. This way your guests can use the same account to consume all their contents.
  • Screen Sharing
  • Application that allows you to demonstrate the operation of systems, the sharing of presentations with animations or videos that are saved on your machine.
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Technology that allows the participation in the transmissions by users who have low speed connection. In real time, the system turns high quality video into low or medium, so users with limited internet can watch the content.
  • Acessible to any device
  • Without having to download or install any applications, your attendees will be able to access broadcasts directly from the browser and from iOS, Android, tablets and cell phones, as well as from any Windows or MacOS computer.
  • Chat Room
  • Tool that allows real-time interaction between the participants of the broadcast and the speaker / moderator. All history will be saved and can be consulted later by you as organizer;
  • Questions and Answers System
  • Chat feature that identifies between sent interactions the ones that are questions and displays in a prominent area for the speaker and moderator.
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Eventials believes that you should focus on making good content and good broadcasts. As a result, our plans are flexible and allow for as many transmissions as necessary and with unlimited participants;
  • Shared Coaching moderation
  • Release other users' access so they can help with moderation during broadcasts. They will have access to the chat, questions and the list of participants online.
  • Public or Private Webinars
  • Function that allows the accomplishment of transmissions with access control, commonly used for conducting trainings or meetings. Release participation only by whom you want to authorize to consume the content.
  • Permanence Report
  • Displays in detail who participated in the broadcast, how much time watched, how many views it generated, and the percentage watched.
  • Participants list
  • Keep track of how many participants there are in the broadcast and know who they are.
  • Recording & Storage
  • All content transmitted will be automatically recorded and will be available on your platform channel. Therefore, your guests who can not participate live or want to review the content, can watch at any time.
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